BiO FuELa ( Made from Cashew Shell )

Bio FuELa is a Renewable Natural resource and is best replacement to COAL as a part of Greening initiatives.

We provide BiO FuELa, which is highly acclaimed for quality and performance. Our BiO FuELa is the perfect blend of efficiency

BiO FuELa are packed in 30-40 Kilogram bags. We deliver BiO FuELa within the stipulated time frame and that too at very reasonable price.

Benifits :

BiO FuELa will give a very good temperature when heating directly or mixing with other Fuels or Fuel substitutes.

BiO FuELa is the ideal fuel for high calorie requirements where high heat requires to be generated

It is an environment-friendly option for burning

Minimum Ash contain remained after burning

BiO FuELa Application :

BiO FuELa is used for Boiler, Heating, Burning, Curing purpose or used as Fuel by manufacturing Units and also used in Fertilizer

It is also used by cement, tile & Brick manufacturing units and others

Also used to manufacture to vermiculite, a non toxic mineral which is used in varied applications. it is used as soil conditioner, growing medium for hydroponics

BiO FuELa ( Made from Cashew Shell )

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BiO FuELa Technical Specification
Gross Calorific Value 4000-5000 Kcal / kg
Proximate analysis (% by weight)
• Moisture
• Volatile matter
• Ash
• Fixed Carbon
Bulk density 0.4430 g/cc